Racketball Rebranded

Racketball Rebranded

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As predicted here a few days ago the World Squash Federation (WSF) has announced that racketball is to be rebranded as ‘Squash 57’.


The rebrand has been planned for some time and it has been led by WSF, in partnership with England Squash (ES). The process included a consultation process (involving a member survey and focus groups) with the squash community, including England Squash members, equipment manufacturers and international federations.


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From an England Squash perspective, the opportunity to reposition the game, to subsequently increase its appeal to a broader and bigger audience, is the drive behind the rebrand. Their view is that ‘racketball’ has not become as established as they would wish, in particular within local authority and private leisure facilities, which constitute more than 40% of courts within the country. They believe that a healthy, vibrant ‘squash’ community needs ‘racketball’ in order to thrive.


The process of change now moves towards ‘activation’ and ES are keen that the change will help to ensure that Squash 57 is seen as part of the ‘squash’ community. They are fully committed to raising the profile and popularity of the game and will be embedding Squash 57 within campaigns and initiatives with the intention to inspire a new audience of players.

A formal launch of Squash 57 is expected mid-Oct.

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