Junior Inter County Championship

Stage 1 - U11

Junior Inter County Championship - Stage 1

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The GU11 set out to Middlesex for their first game as a county following the Suffolk Closed. Kent was the first team we faced having beaten Middlesex we knew this would be a tight fixture. Amy went on first but after a hard match lost 3-1. This meant the next two matches were a must win. Nancy was on next and comfortably cruised past her opposition to win 3-0. Emma was on last and a win would set us for a good start to the day in Middlesex. The games were close but her fantastic straight drop helped her to victory winning 3-0. The next county we faced next was Middlesex. Amy showed a great mentality to go from losing her first match to winning her second 3-0 with her serve becoming a crucial part of the win. Nancy was back on court and won 3-0 dropping only 5 points during the match. Having already won the match and coming first it led Emma to finish the day off. Winning 3-0 their was a lot of praise for her outstanding attitude to her opposition.



Suffolk GU11; Emma Logan, Nancy Akyol, Amy Thornley


The BU11 had a trip to Peterborough in their first county fixture. The first game was against a very strong Kent side. This game saw all our boys lose 3-0 however they carried on fighting throughout and were unfortunate not to get more from their matches than they did. Harry showed great fight to lead in the third however the opposition just managed to win the match. Following this we played Sussex 2. Cole was first on and lost 3-0 in a tough match. Harry came on next and won 3-1 with a great comeback in the first to win it in a tie break. Evan was on next and despite battling lost out 3-1. The final game was against Cambridge who had a strong team and won 3-0 for every match. Incredible credit to a young team who fought hard in all their matches and adjusted to try and change the course of the game. 


Suffolk BU11; Cole Harms, Evan Gledhill, Harry Griffith

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