Junior League Round 2

Martlesham Aprill 28

Junior League Round 2

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Josh Turmel and his trusty side kick Liam Hicks, hosted the second round of the Inter-Club Junior League at Martlesham Leisure on Saturday 28th.


Over 25 budding juniors from Ipswich, Martlesham and Moreton Hall went head to head to battle it out, and it was fair to say that all matches were played in great spirit. Each player got 4 or 5 games each against 4 or 5 different opponents. Both Josh & Liam were particularly impressed with the overall attitude of every player from each club, and after 3 hours of intense squash, it's fair to say everyone was pretty tired (including the coaches)!



It was yet another successful round for the Inter-Club Junior League with much positive feedback from both parents and players. Well done and thank you to all those involved.


The next fixture is being hosted by Moreton Hall (host contact is Chris Lockwood) on Sunday 3rd June from 11-1pm. For more information about joining a team, please contact your head squash professional for further details.

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