Junior League - Round 3

Moreton Hall June 10

Junior League - Round 3

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The third installment of the inter-club junior league was hosted at Moreton Hall on the 10th June. 5 teams in total competed with Ipswich and Martlesham fielding 2 teams and the hosts fielding 1.

With over 20 players involved there were plenty of great matches with many of them going right down to the last few points! Each player had tons of game time with them playing 4 matches each - a lot of Squash for a morning's work!


Wining Ipswich Team


A special well done has to go to all of the players who marked the games in pairs and did their bit to make sure that everyone had a great time! Along side this all the players showed great sportsmanship by cheering on their team mates and opponents alike!

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