Italian Job for Lucy

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Italian Job for Lucy

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As a major step in her development as a player Lucy Turmel is playing PSL league squash for Birmingham. PSL plays a fairly conventional 'one match a week' format with matches spread throughout the season. Recently, Lucy was asked to play in the Italian National Squash Club league as part of Team Padova.  Fortunately the Italian League plays a different format; teams of 4 men and one woman, meeting up with 4 other sides to play a number of matches in a weekend so it doesn't interfere with her PSL schedule.


Lucy playing in the semi of the recent BJO

The first weekend was February 24th/25th with Lucy playing the U19 Italian Number 1, the Senior Italian Ladies National Champion, Christina Gomez the GU19 European Champion from Spain and Enora Villiard , world ranked number 66 from France. All of it great experience with Lucy winning three of her four matches, only losing narrowly to Gomez, the European U19 champion.


Lucy’s next Italian fixture is on 17th/18th March.

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